I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about writing this post, or starting this blog in general but since you’re reading this I must have done something right. I should confess something before I dive headfirst into this, my current track record with successful blogs and journals is 0. I’m betting on this being lucky number 1.

I don’t really know where this blog is going to go, what it’s going to contain or how long it’ll last. I’m hoping it will be filled with all the things I love – literature, theatre, poetry, photography and film. Everything I want to share with you.

Since this is an introduction, of sorts, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Cassie, I’m a nineteen year old technical theatre major and cat mom from the pacific northwest. Like most nineteen years olds I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing … about anything … ever. Not to sound like a bit of a cliché but I am obsessed with reading and I’ll read anything I can get my hands on, literature has always been a steadfast rock in my life and I’m grateful for it. I’ve got a preference for all things YA, stories based on folklore, legends and darkness in particular. I can never say no to a strong female character.

I decided to start this blog shortly after joining the bookish community on Instagram (bookstagram), I loved how creative bookstagram pushes and allows me to be but I still wanted more. As you can probably tell by now I’m a bit of a rambler. I love run on sentences and commas, semi-colons and the word ‘and’. So I wanted a place to unapologetically ramble about all my thoughts and feelings towards books, films, anything. I wanted a place where I could rediscover my love of writing and hopefully kick my nasty procrastination habit. I can’t promise that everything I’m ever going to say is going to make entire sense, or that I will post regularly and I also can’t say I’m not worried about utterly failing – burning out. But, you can’t fail if you don’t try right?

In the end, I am just a reader with a lot to say and I’m hoping you are too. Welcome to my blog!

C —







2 thoughts on “foreword”

  1. Hello, Cassie! Your instagram is one of my favorites, so I’m excited for your blog! 😉 I can totally relate to writing run on sentences with too many commas, because that’s all I ever do. Seriously, my sentences are all like 30 words with 5 million commas. Like i said though, I’m super excited for more posts! 🙂


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