series I (probably) won’t be finishing



I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to DNF books, any book that I technically DNF just ends up on a return-to-later shelf with the promise that I’ll pick it up again (and I never actually do), but for some odd reason DNFing a series is as easy as cutting butter for me.

So out of curiosity I went through all my shelves to see just how many series I had abandoned and I was honestly surprised on how high the number was. I think quite a few of them I’ve given up on just because there are other books I want to read more or because I completely forgot about them but there are a few that I’ve knowingly decided to DNF and I wanted to share them with you!


The Diviners 


The Diviners is a series that I’ve guiltily shoved onto my return-to-later shelf but I’ve come to realize that I’m never going to finish it. I loved the first book, The Diviners, when it first came out but by the time I got around to the second book, Lair of Dreams, there was a pretty big gap of time between when I read the first book and when I was reading the second. I didn’t really remember much when I was reading Lair of Dreams and I found it to be much slower than The Diviners was. It was also taking me much longer to read Lair of Dreams than it usually takes me to read a book, I had just started my second semester of college so I barely had time for anything much less reading a huge novel. I don’t want to entirely rule this series out – I at least one day want to finish the second book – but finishing it would involve a reread so it’s definitely not at the top of my TBR.


The Fifth Wave


I’m off to a great start aren’t I? I’m supposed to be DNFing books not ‘I don’t want to entirely rule this one out’-ing. Anyway, this one I have absolutely no plans to finish and probably comes at no surprise if you’re following my bookstagram. I first read The Fifth Wave when it came out and absolutely did not like it. Recently I did a reread of it because I was kind of tempted to finish the series after seeing it everywhere and I wanted to see if maybe I would actually like it not. I was right in that I still don’t like this book, I don’t like the characters or the world and it’s just definitely not a series I’ll be finishing.


A Song of Ice and Fire

13496A Song of Ice and Fire isn’t the reason that I don’t really like high fantasy but it’s for sure a section of the genre that I don’t care for, it’s a large amount of unnecessary sex and droning on and on honestly. I wasn’t able to watch the show so instead I read the first book, A Game of Thrones, back in highschool and I have vague recollections of reading one or two more but the first is the only one that I really remember. I didn’t think it was terrible but reading these books is no small feat because they’re all the size of a small brick, and there’s just so many characters and a lot of dragging; I’m watching the show now so I don’t see any reason for me to continue the book series.


Daughter of Smoke & Bone

8490112Dreams of Gods & Monsters is probably the longest resident of my return-to-later shelf. I really liked Daughter of Smoke & Bone and I quite like Lani Taylor’s writing style but this one has very similar DNF reasons to The Diviners. There were really large gaps of time between my reads of the first and the second book, by the time I read the second book I actually had no idea what was happening anymore or who was who but I was determined to persist. I ended up checking the third book out of the library and just … never reading it, it’s huge and to understand it I’d need to reread the series but there are so many other books that I want to read so it’s just been shoved into my DNF pile. Maybe one day when I’ve magically completed my ever growing TBR will I pick this one up again.


Throne of Glass

16034235I’ve saved the best … ish for last and it’s the Throne of Glass series. I read Throne of Glass last year, mostly because of the hype, and I think I ended up giving it between 2.5 – 3 stars or something like that. I did read Crown of Midnight which I actually quite liked a lot more than Throne of Glass but I honestly have no plans to pick up the third book. I understand why this series is so loved but I just don’t like, I don’t like Celaena at all, my favourite character was murdered in Crown of Midnight and once the books started dropping those not-so subtle hints about where the main plot line was going I knew I wasn’t going to like it.



And there you have it, five series that I (probably) will not be finishing. There’s just so many books to read and so little time. I’d love to know your thoughts on DNFing and if you do/don’t do it, and if there’s any series that you’ve DNF’d!





8 thoughts on “series I (probably) won’t be finishing”

  1. I used to hate dnfing books, but then I realised I just had too many unread books, and keeping on trying to read the same books again and again wouldn’t help me reduce my tbr pile ^^


  2. I’ve been trying to find the motivation & the energy to finish The Diviners series for like??? A year now??? Maybe even more omg…… And I loved the first book just like you so really what’s up with that.

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  3. I just finished The Diviners, and though I enjoyed it, I have no plans to continue on with the series. Honestly it felt kind of like a standalone to me too. I really want to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but that one has been pushed back to the end of my TBR

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    1. I never noticed it before but yess I totally get the standalone feeling. I almost want to reread Daughter of Smoke & Bone now that I’ve written about it but t b h I feel like there’s no point and I could just start reading her new series instead?


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