HARD | The Neighbourhood


Hi my name’s Cassie and I really love The Neighbourhood. They just dropped their new EP and I have FEELINGS about it so here we are, bear with me because I have absolutely NO IDEA how to review/talk about music but I’m sure going to try to anyway.

HARD EP | The Neighbourhood 

Columbia Records
01. Roll Call
02. You Get Me So High
03. Noise
04. 24/7
05. Sadderdaze


I love all of the songs on this EP, I think they fit so well together and while listening to them I was reminded of The NBHD’s earlier music – I know Sweater Weather is overplayed now but I’m a sucker for it and You Get Me So High gives me really similar vibes. HARD opens really strongly with Roll Call, I think Roll Call transitions nicely from their sound in Wiped Out! to this EP. I think the pace and the vocals in Roll Call are really reminiscent of that sound, I also love that Roll Call has a bit of an eerie quality about it and I almost feel like I’m outside of a party when I listen to it.

You Get Me So High is probably my favourite song on this EP, I love the breathy vocals and the really mellow flow that it has. Every song on this EP is a perfect slow jam honestly, I could spend a whole night laying on my floor staring at the ceiling to these songs. I’m probably going to sound a little odd for saying this but Noise reminds me of an early 2000’s song but softer and edgier, there’s just something about the underlying beat and the drawn out vocals; Noise definitely isn’t my favourite song of the EP but I think it’s a nice middle song.

24/7 is the song on this EP that reminds me the most of a story, I think it’s also the one with the strongest electronic beat. It has really nice light vocals that I think are balanced quite nicely with its beat – 24/7 isn’t popish but it’s definitely a lot more upbeat than the other songs on the EP and I can see me and my friends shouting it in the car. It’s catchy. The little hints of electronic in the beats of all the songs in HARD is something that I LOVE, it’s not overpowering but it gives all the songs a really nice kick.

Sadderdaze is SUCH A NICE SONG to end this EP with, it’s slow and very, very mellow with a really nice drum beat and the same breathy vocals that I love hearing from The NBHD. Sadderdaze kind of reminds me of an indie end of summer song, there’s a part near-ish to the end where it’s just high voices and a little bit of guitar and I LOVE IT. This song feels nostalgic, a little sad and it’s just such a nice finish.

Here’s a link to their vevo, I highly recommend you give this EP (and this band) a listen if you’re into edgy sometimes indie-ish/alternative rock music.



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