October TBR | Spooky Reads Edition


Fall is one of my favourite times of the year, I love how warm and cozy it makes me feel inside and I wanted that feeling to reflect in my tbr for this month. I also wanted my tbr to be a little bit spooky and dark in the spirit of Halloween. This should probably actually be called ‘books I maybe want to get around to’ because I can’t actually decide which ones I want to read 😅


currently reading

Since I finished my September tbr with a day to spare I got a bit of a jump-start on this months tbr!

The Girl With All The Gifts / M.R. Carey – I’m already almost done this book because it just hooked me, I’ve seen the movie so I already knew what to expect but I figured this would be the perfect book to kick off the spooky vibe with – I don’t want to spoil ANYTHING about it but it’s also the last book I’m probably ever going to read about this trope/trend

from my shelves

This many book is probably ridiculously over ambitious but I am DETERMINED to finally read some of these because a lot of them have been sitting on my shelves for almost a year.

The Little Friend / Donna Tartt – According to the blurb this is about a murder which fits the theme for this month to a T but I’ve also picked it because I find that Tartt’s writing style itself is a little dark.

A Darker Shade of Magic / V.E. Schwab – Not a spooky book but I am tired of missing out on this apparently A-MAZING series.

The Walls Around Us / Nova Ren Suma – I think this book is actually coming up on two years of sitting unread on my shelves so it’s about time I get around to it, it sounds dark, spooky, and twisty and it’s not that long so I think it’s going to be a perfect October read.

Vassa in the Night / Sarah Porter – I don’t think this one is necessarily spooky but I’ve heard it’s a little dark and I wanna read it real real bad.

And I Darken / Kiersten White – I’ve heard great things about this book and I’m planning on reading it right around Halloween because hello … Vlad the Impaler?

These Shallow Graves / Jennifer Donnelly – I don’t know ANYTHING about this book besides the fact that the cover looks spooky as hell and it is also coming up on its second year on my shelves so …

book of the month

Girls Made of Snow and Glass / Melissa Bashardoust – I was so excited when I found out that this was The Book Bound Society’s book of the month that I broke my book buying ban to get it, this book sounds so good and it seems like it has everything I love: it’s a retelling, it’s dark and it’s got leading female characters. Sign me up.


So that makes 8 books for this month … I’m mostly confident that I can get through at least half but choosing which half is going to be the hard part. Have you read any of these? Let me know what you thought of them 👇 but no spoilers please!


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