#MAYIVEREAD 🌸 | May Monthly Challenge

MAYREADS-Recovered.pngI’m back! and with another monthly photo challenge. Making and hosting a monthly challenge last year was so fun, I loved scrolling through the tag and seeing all the photos so much that I decided to do round two! Though I’ve learned that trying to come up with an entire month’s worth of inspiring prompts is … pretty hard.

Anyway, here is #MAYIVEREAD (mayiveread .. todayiveread .. get it 😉). Read on for a full list of the prompts plus a little bit of what my idea was behind each one; it’s not as vague as I think my last challenge was but I’m still really excited to see how everyone interprets each day.


  1. May #TBR – a classic to be read for this month post
  2. Spines Only – anything goes as long as you can only see the book’s spine
  3. Books That Started It All – share the books/series that got you into reading (bonus points if it’s NOT Harry P.)
  4. May The Fourth (Sci-Fi) – 🌠 happy star wars day! share your fave sci-fi/space reads
  5. If I Could Swap Lives With – if you could swap lives with ANY character, who would it be?
  6. Rainbow It! – make a rainbow
  7. Magic – books with magic (or maybe, the books themselves are the magic)
  8. Bookmark It! – a bookmark appreciation post (dogears count)
  9. Five Star Reads – share some of your recent five-star reads!
  10. Chapter Ten – chapter ten for day ten
  11. Recreate An Old Photo – recreate one of your old photos
  12. My Aesthetic In Books – 🍂 my aesthetic is autumnal coloured books and burnt matches, whats yours?
  13. May Flowers – actual flowers, fake flowers, pictures of flowers, it doesn’t matter just bring on the nature
  14. Title Appreciation – originally a title page appreciation post before I realized some books have really cool titles and we should talk about them more
  15. #CurrentlyReading – share your current reads!
  16. Yellow – yellow books are pretty don’t you think?
  17. Overhypedplease don’t tag authors in this one but what book just wasn’t as good for you as it was for everyone else
  18. Adapt This Please! – I know adaptations make us all nervous but what books do you NEED adapted, like, right now.
  19. Sunshiney Books – books that make you happy
  20. #ShelfieSunday – share your shelves!
  21. First In A Series – last time it was sequels, this time, it’s the books that start it all
  22. Auto Buy Author – authors you can’t resist adding to your cart
  23. Cried In A Good Way 💗 – ever cried during a book because you just loved it so much?
  24. Relatable Characters – is there a character that’s just … #you
  25. Fave Worldbuilding – world building appreciation
  26. Make A Playlist – songs you love to listen to while reading, songs that make you think of certain books or characters, make us a playlist!
  27. Retellings – they’re pretty popular so let’s talk about ’em
  28. Sweetest Ship – doesn’t have to be your OTP but is there a ship that just makes you:💖💕✨💗 (mine is me x a good book)
  29. ☀️ Summer Recommends ☀️ – share some of your summery faves just in time for the season
  30. Best Ending – series or book with the best ending
  31. Wrap It Up! – your fave reads from this month!



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