Recommended Listening



I love podcasts, probably as much as I love both sleeping and reading; I’m not a huge fan of audio books or reading while on transit so when your usual commute is at least an hour to anywhere and you’ve listened to all the songs on your phone fifty times already you gotta do what you gotta do. Also, they’re free.

Last spring I binge downloaded twenty different podcasts after being introduced to Criminal by some of the second year theatre students in the scene shop one day, I then promptly forgot about all of them. Then, a few months ago I got back into them, helloo major catch up time. I still have yet to listen to all of them but there are a handful that I try to listen to regularly and adore so I thought I’d share some of them with you!

CONTENT WARNING: Please read all descriptions of podcasts and their episodes carefully, some contain detail and discussion on material that may be disturbing or upsetting.

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