So, I pretty much set myself up for a HUGE reading month this July and I actually feel a little accomplished because I somehow managed to read almost all of this month’s TBR (including my for-class reading) ย ๐Ÿ’ช

I can’t really believe it’s going to be August soon and that means the end of summer and THAT means having to face adult responsibilities.

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Adaptation Battle: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children [Spoilers!]


Oh adaptations, how we love and hate thee. Even though Iโ€™m always a bit apprehensive I loved adaptations, I love watching books come to life but I know that Iโ€™ll always be just the tiniest bit disappointed in some missed or changed detail. That being said, Iโ€™m also one of those people that once I know somethingโ€™s an adaptation I HAVE TO read the book because finding the differences always feels like finding some hidden Easter egg.

So! I thought that doing a whole series on my blog comparing and discussing adaptations would be fun. I recently (and by recently I mean an entire month ago) found myself watching Miss Peregrineโ€™s Home for Peculiar Children one day which then got me knee deep into a reread of the book, which I love by the way. I figured this was as good a place as any to start for my first โ€œadaptation battleโ€.

Iโ€™m not going to be reviewing the book or the movie (Iโ€™m sure I will a little bit) in depth in these or getting hung up on tiny details, instead Iโ€™m going to talk about some of the bigger/more noticeable differences and whether or not I think they work/if I like them. At the very end Iโ€™ll decide if I prefer the book or the movie more.

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a handful of favourite films


Iโ€™ve been doing a lot of reviews lately so I wanted to mix it up a little bit by sharing some of my favourite films with you! I love films, I love cinematography and lighting and set designs and colour palettes and costumes (and of course, acting and plot); I just love everything about films okay, specifically aesthetic films. You know those ones whose shots just take your breath away. Yeah, those. Anyway, here’s just a handful of my favourite films (I probably should have called this ‘aesthetically pleasing films I’ve obsessed over but whatever).

I’ve tried to be as not spoiler-y as I can with my descriptions and comments on each film! I’ve updated this post with content warnings that are not spoiler free.

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I can’t believe May is already over! I know like every monthly wrap-up ever usually begins with that line but I swear it’s true, all I did was blink and then the month was gone. While May definitely wasn’t as buy as last month life wise, it was definitely a big reading month for me and I can’t wait to share all that I’ve been up to!

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Best Of: 2016

december wrap up banner.png

For some reason I had such a hard time writing this post, I just couldnโ€™t seem to sum up 2016 in a few words. Even so, I still wanted to make a post highlighting all my favourite books, films and television shows from 2016 โ€“ as well as what Iโ€™m anticipating in 2017! There were some really great releases, sequels and seasons this year and Iโ€™m already a few days late so letโ€™s get right to it.

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